10 Cotton Patchwork Kantha stole 19x70 SC-61

10 Cotton Patchwork Kantha stole 19x70 SC-61
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  • Item #: SC-61
  • Condition: New
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10 Cotton Patch Kantha Stoles



Product Specification

19"x 70" Apprx.

Condition New unused
Auction For  10 Pieces Item Code SC-61

Multi colors


Vintage Cotton saris hand quilted with kantha work



Origin & Shipped from India


Product Description


These are very special designer Kantha cotton shawls, make a new fashion statement with these hand quilted scarves/stoles.

The whole background of the cloth is painstakingly embroidered with  thousands of small and delicate kantha stitches by hand to create this unique  masterpiece !

It is reversible, can be used from  both sides. Both sides have different cloth, hence different patterns. It is made from very fine vintage cotton saris.

 2 layers of printed cotton are softly quilted  without any padding . It is embroidered by master artisans in family.

Kantha is the ancient Indian art of embroidery , it is a simple running stitching. The value of product with kantha embroidery depends on intricacy and details in embroidery. Finer it is, it takes more time and hence more expensive.

The way in which the stitch has been used is what makes the  shawl extraordinary. While making the shawls, the cloth is given layers  that are kept together by the stitches. It is made is such a way that it is REVERSIBLE, can be used from both sides.

So one can use them the way you want or just wear these unique pieces in many ways and i can assure you that it will be a curious masterpiece and you could have to face thousands of questions from your friends about these scarves,  how they are made, where they are made and where did you get :-)

So many of my customers are using them for their art work and other stitching projects. They use these scarves in making dresses or belts or bags and even they use patches of them in making beautiful jewelry.

So be creative and you will find them very interesting.

We are selling them to you at very genuine wholesale prices that even if you come to my city and search for them, nobody can beat our prices. The reason is most of our products are directly coming from artist to us and then to you. So not many mediators and we believe in reasonable profit that we share with the artists  to improve their lives and standard of living.

We sell similar scarves made with vintage silk saris too. Please check out our store for those too as they are also interesting. 

Try this sample lot and you will find many customers willing to pay good prices for these hand quilted scarves.

Bring home the history of India.

Perfect for vintage art lovers.

Please contact us if you have more questions regarding this or any other products.